4505 Chicharrones – Classic Chili and Salt  www.4505Chicharrones.com

$2.99/1oz bag 

5g fat/Serving

0g carbs/Serving

4505 Chicharrones are definitely, a fan favorite among keto’ers! If you look up reviews of 4505 Chicharrones you’ll easily find comments like “hands down the best pork rinds we’ve ever had” “so delicious” and my favorite “PORKFECTION!”. They are quite literally crispy, melt-in-your-mouth clouds of porkaliciousness. It’s almost paradoxical because something so crispy should be hard, but they aren’t the mouth shredding pork rinds of days gone by. Bite into them without worry or reservation and simply enjoy this porkfectly seasoned snack. 4505’s small-batch kettle cooking ensures a delightful, fluffy, full flavored experience with every bite. The Classic Chili and Salt variety is a complementary blend of savory, sweet and slightly spicy chilies with clean, porky base notes. The taste and texture of 4505 Chicharrones is miles ahead of most other brands and you may never be able to go back. Consider yourself warned. 


We’re Sure You’ll Love This New Take On An Old Favorite. Head To Their Website and Check Out Their Swine So Fine Product Line.  

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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